11-13 Augustus 2000

Last updated on: November 25, 2004.
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What Are We Doing.

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Or better, what did we do.
On Friday some of us started with setting up the gear, while others already had a headstart and headed over to the 1st bar.
By the time they were at the 3rd or 4th we joined them and the night on the town really set off.

Given previous experiences, we all appreciated the law of nature that before you start drinking, you should eat first. So we did.
By about 11pm we were ready to continue the quest of bars and clubs in Rotterdam.
At The Consul we met up with Michael and Susan.
When walking in I accidentally (honestly :) bumped a woman who was ehhh, very friendly about that :)

Next stop was a bar/club which name I can't remember. I've asked and have been told about a dozen times, but somehow I keep thinking of Def Leppard, which is not at all like the name of that bar. When walking in a woman jumped up and greeted me in eehhh somewhat intimate way. She apparently thought she knew me better than she did :) The pix also show the female bartender, two friends at the bar and Melle pointed at something that he probably thought was an UFO :)

PreBY_A_KJ.jpg (45148 bytes) KJ_O_M_A_Con.jpg (36609 bytes) _p_girl1.jpg (35205 bytes) _p_girl2.jpg (24641 bytes) _p_bart.jpg (40805 bytes) _p_mates.jpg (38635 bytes)
@ the Office
Anne & Keesjan
@ The Consul
Keesjan, Okke, Michael & Anne
DL Woman @ table DL Woman a bit closer DL Bartender DL Friends


Next was a club called Vibes. When we entered it was still rather quiet, but of course the masses followed us shortly :)
Some of us really got out there and danced, others just wiggled a bit and took pictures of the local scenery.
We only left Vibes to move on to a somewhat shabby joint. I won't repeat here what happened there, I'll just say that when one of the guys started to pet a dog telling it how 'lovely she was', we thought it was time to leave :) back at the office Marnix and Anne played a Lan-game or two, but retired to bed soon after.

_p_mel.jpg (15831 bytes) V_A_KJ_M_Swing.jpg (37687 bytes) V_Cple_Bar.jpg (47222 bytes) mel_con.jpg (19143 bytes) V_Frnd_RedH.jpg (49453 bytes) V_RedH_Dot.jpg (33888 bytes)
DL Flying ?
Vibes Dancing ?
Anne, Keesjan, Michael
Vibes Bar-Flies Vibes
Vibes Couple & Dots Vibes Girl & Dots


V_RedH_Frnd.jpg (17203 bytes) V_KJ_Mnx_A_M_Swing.jpg (30222 bytes) v_trio.jpg (41051 bytes) V_Grl_Grn.jpg (23412 bytes) V_Mel_Grl_Grn.jpg (35565 bytes) V_Mel_Self_Strip.jpg (20679 bytes)
Vibes Girl's Girlfriend Vibes Still Dancing ?
Marnix, Anne, Michael
Vibes Yeah Baby! Vibes Aarrgg Baby! Vibes Melle... Vibes Nude pics
(Melle starts stripping)


V_M_Swing.jpg (19262 bytes) V_Mnx_RdHd.jpg (19154 bytes) V_Mnx_Swing.jpg (18050 bytes) V_O_Swing.jpg (17944 bytes) V_Grl_PrpW.jpg (13624 bytes) Post_BY_A_Nude.jpg (37850 bytes)
Vibes Still Dancing
Vibes Still Dancing
Marnix & GGF.
Vibes Still Dancing
Vibes Still Dancing
Vibes Swing Baby! Back @ the Office

Pics are courtesy of Marnix, Melle & Anne.
(Try to figure out who made which :)

Saturday was the day of the 'Fast Forward Dance Parade'. Basically a couple of hundred of thousands of people dancing in the streets on music played on big rigs that move down the street which are populated by dancers.
We of course had to be part of that. So after Saskia, Onno and Michael (who'd been 'sensible' the night before and had walked the mere 15km home :) had arrived we walked down town and joined the big party. Again some danced like there was no tomorrow (even while taking pictures :), while others simply enjoyed the atmosphere of the event.
After the last truck had passed and the last tone sort of had died we headed back towards the office. Not to stop on our way for some refreshments or to hang out at Melle's local bar though. And of course we met him and his girlfriend there :) As if I didn't already looked weird enough Saskia decided that my T-shirt wasn't letting enough air in. A problem that was easily 'solved' :)
Back at the office it was time to do some serious R&R, so we watched 'Haunted' with he beamer Onno had brought (almost like the big screen).
Although we'd planned to also do some gaming that weekend, the dancing of the night and day before had taken it's toll, so at around 10pm we packed it in and went home where some didn't quite finish partying yet :)
All in all a fun weekend again. See you at the next BYOCG ?

dp_s_a.jpg (62024 bytes) DP_A_OnTheMove.jpg (60077 bytes) DP_OnRoad2.jpg (35107 bytes) DP_A_Swing.jpg (34697 bytes)
Us or Them?
Saskia & Anne
Wait Up !
People Swinging ?


DP_A_WeirdShot.jpg (30775 bytes) DP_A_Rest_Mlk.jpg (46196 bytes) DP_M_S_A_Rip.jpg (52947 bytes) DP_Mel_frnd.jpg (61835 bytes)
Flatrering Pict ?
The M.l. After
Michael, Saskia, Anne
Melle & Not His Girlfriend

Pics are courtesy of Marnix.

Below are the pics, sort of in random order, made during the Dance Parade.
Pics are again courtesy of Marnix.

BB_Trck_Bow.jpg (52979 bytes) BB_Trck_Nurse.jpg (39082 bytes) bb_trck1.jpg (60704 bytes) bb_trck2.jpg (29708 bytes) bb_trck3.jpg (52385 bytes) Blue_Clsd_Trck1.jpg (34225 bytes)


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Eau_Trck_Dvl.jpg (34715 bytes) Eau_Trck_Dvls.jpg (52224 bytes) Eau_Trck1.jpg (59613 bytes) Eau_Trck2.jpg (26874 bytes) FFWD_Trck1.jpg (55053 bytes) FFWD_Trck2.jpg (55758 bytes)


FFWD_Trck3.jpg (32405 bytes) Grls_Watch.jpg (34169 bytes) GrnBox_Trck_Grls.jpg (30361 bytes) GrnBox_Trck_Grls2.jpg (43264 bytes) GrnBox_Trck_Guy.jpg (47210 bytes) IL_Trck_SilverGuys.jpg (34394 bytes)


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Orng_Trck_BodPnt3.jpg (41515 bytes) Orng_Trck1.jpg (46250 bytes) Orng_Trck2.jpg (27926 bytes) Orng_Trck3.jpg (30290 bytes) Orng_Trck4.jpg (31378 bytes) Prpl_Trck1.jpg (31283 bytes)


Rigs_Trck_BodPnt.jpg (30566 bytes) Rigs_Trck_BodPnt2.jpg (34057 bytes) Rigs_Trck_BodPnt3.jpg (32502 bytes) Rigs_Trck_Red_Wom.jpg (25390 bytes) Rigs_Trck1.jpg (54203 bytes) Rigs_Trck2.jpg (36055 bytes)


Rigs_Trck3.jpg (53502 bytes) Rigs_Trck4.jpg (44773 bytes) Rigs_Trck5.jpg (57027 bytes) Rigs_Trck6.jpg (68998 bytes) Rigs_Trck7.jpg (34026 bytes) SilverGirl1.jpg (20989 bytes)


SilverGirl2.jpg (30026 bytes) Ties_Trck1.jpg (45313 bytes) Wht_Trck_Wht_Wom.jpg (40298 bytes) Wht_Trck1.jpg (29090 bytes) Wht_Trck2.jpg (48392 bytes) wl_trck1.jpg (52116 bytes)


ZP_Trck_Nose.jpg (50934 bytes) zp_trck1.jpg (44450 bytes) zp_trck2.jpg (55808 bytes) zeend.jpg (27381 bytes)
Ze End.