Last updated on: November 25, 2004.

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What is a BYOCG(-TTO)-day ?
BYOCG stands for Bring Your Own Computer Gear, TTO means To The Office.
Everyone brings their own computer and/or related devices to a pre-defined place. There the machines are setup, linked to a network and anything you can do with a computer can be done, but now in a team.

For example playing Games against eachother, but also together configuring Linux, Novell, OS/2,  Beos or NT machines, or disassemble this things, exchanging Software- and/or Hardware/knowledge.
D/L-ding entire xxx-sites. tune Oldtimers. Or relaxing on the couch (as far as present) and enjoying a video and pint of beer. Or going on a night on the town. Yes I know, that has nothing to do with computers, but the Prime Objective is to have fun. So if you have an idea/suggestion for something to do (or not to do :), please let me know at

Keep in mind that you can not rely or equipment to be present at the location; in most cases you'll have to bring it yourself.

While it is called a ...-day, these kinds of events have a tendency to last a tad longer than a day, often an entire weekend. For example; we assemble on fridayevening and set up and test the machines. And then the 'games' can begin, at times interrupted for eat, drink, pee and the odd bit of sleep.

Nothing is set in stone; you can do whatever you like (within certain boundaries of course :). You're also not obliged to take part the entire weekend; that's for those die-hards who want to play 48h Death-matches. You can also just join for a couple of hours of the weekend. Usually the event ends on Sunday somewhere early in the afternoon, but around 8pm at the latest, giving everyone a chance to appear fresh and rested at work the next day :).

Where is the event taking place ?
The event takes place at different locations.
A TTO version obviously is held at an office :)