Last updated on: November 25, 2004.

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What Will We Be Doing?

As said; nothing is set in stone. You can do whatever you want.
All within certain boundaries of course :)
Don't feel like joining the whole weekend ? Just attend part of it, or just a part of a part. Having fun is the Prime Directive.

The following activities have a high likelihood of happening as some of the participant have already indicated to be interested in doing these over the weekend. (That still doesn't mean they will actually happen of course :);

DeathMatching, Soldier of Fortune, Quake2/III, Sin, Half-Life, Unreal (Tournament), KingPin, RA 2, Tiberian Sun, Rally Championship 2000, Need For Speed 3 (!), Collin McRae Rally, MidTownMadness 2, Eat, Linux, Beos, AmigaOS, WinGate, OS/2, Drink, Neural Networking, Delphi, Java, xBase++, Cook, Backup, Discussion, Webcamming, A night on the town!

<there are no other special events planned>

How will we do it?

As some locations do not provide direct access to the Internet it most likely will not be possible to join the LAN-related activities from outside. There is a small chance that at times Webcams will be connected to enable those who can not attend to at least share the fun a bit from home.