Arnoud's Pickup project is for sale - € 13.500,= ONO

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"With a heavy heart I‘m putting my beloved ‘76 Pick Up up for sale.
Comes with UK V5 title made out to me.
The shell has been welded using Heritage and Mini Machine panelwork, then mediablasted and primered (pic in red).
It comes with 3 good doors, bonnet and tailgate (which still needs doing up).

I was going to fit a removable, steel nose, which also comes with it, as well as a new front panel and 5 new front wings.
Original (2-bolt) front, rear subframes and a 2nd 2- bolt front one off an automatic.
Headliner, door glass, backlight, front glass.
Original single stalk column, wiring loom. 2 stalk colum too (with loom) 2 petrol tanks.

Also included are:
Tilt frame with original cover
1x1275, 1 lx1293 engine block, 4 940 heads, 2 gearboxes (all of which need looked at).
A couple of wiper assemblies, a mk5 heater; 2 early heaters.
7.5" Cooper S front brakes
10" Cooper S reverse rims with vg tyres, 4 yoko A008 tyres (new)
2 Jag XJS front seats
1 brand new RC40
2 sets of twin hs2 carbs
Offers from 13.5k€ for the lot.
The shell is near Amsterdam, parts are in my basement 25kms from Amsterdam"