Some poor F*ck felt the need to break into my Van on the 2nd of April 1999.
I was visiting a friend at the time and the Van was parked in a rather dark area.
Dark enough not to be able to look in and see if there was something of worth in the back.
When I got back I saw something in my seat, which turned out to be broken glass.

Obviously he (she ?) had taken a flashlight and noticed the two aluminum (looking !) cases in the back and decided it was worth a try and broke one of the windows. The sad part is that they weren't worth much, nor was there content; just some simple and really cheap tools and stuff. Some of which are irritating to miss though, like spare bulbs and fuses, an orange 'roadside' jacket and the tool I use to change a wheel when it's flat.

As you can see in the pix they also left other stuff; I guess the cases were the only ones they could get out through the window.
(You can't open the back doors, or the other door for that matter, from the inside in a Van; have to use a key)
So next time I just have to get bigger cases, or maybe get something to cover them so they are not in plain view.

Fortunately I don't get worked up much over stuff like this. Mind you, I shouldn't catch someone in the act, cause I have no idea what I'd do then. But 'after the fact' getting into a frenzy would only effect me and I simply don't want to give anyone that pleasure, or myself that displeasure.

I even got to smile when I found drips of blood on the back :)

Anyway, here are some pix of what it looked like.
(I'll add some more in a couple of days)

Back Window Mess More Mess
Back Window Mess More Mess