Mini Funeral - Eulogy
(Warning: this page contains some graphic text!)

This is a rough translation of the Eulogy as created and spoken by (c) Edwin during the Funeral.


Dear Miniacs,

We've gathered here tonight, not just for the BBQ, but mostly to commemorate and honor our beloved friend, the Mini.

As you know, the production of the Mini will cease on next October 4th. After a life of 41 years he'll no longer be. Therefor we've gathered here tonight to bury him.

For most of us he's proven to be a true friend who at times had it's quirks. Sometimes you wished you hadn't known him but more often you were proud of your mutual friendship. Sometime he let you down, but most of the times he was there for you day and night.

The Living Legend is no longer. But is he dead?........ No. Now the real life starts. It's more like a retirement. The Mini's still in existence will be spoiled en nurtured, those Mini's will more and more receive the status of a classic and most of them will enjoy a quiet old age. They will of course need the odd operation every now and then, but this will only make them healthier. Now let's commemorate the Mini with the words it gave us;

All: Our Mini, that areth in heaven, your name is hallowed,
The new Mini cometh, it's will occur on earth as BMW,
Give us now our daily Mini and forgive us, BMW
As we also not begrudge a Mini to others.
En don't drive us into scrap,
But relieve us from our rust.

Me: Mini, we are not worthy that thou remains with us, but giveth thouselve a new existence and thou will be healthy.

>setting of the table<
We will now set the table for our beloveth Mini, as we took the fuel and gave it to the Mini with the words; taketh and drinketh of this all thee, as this is the fluid that is bestowed upon thee for now and till eternity.

Can I now ask you to join me for the funeral, to say goodbye to our beloveth Mini.

Giveth us the Mini daily
So that we are supported by thou greatness and be free of rust and protected against all Mercedesses.
Eagerly awaiting the new Mini 2000.

>Closing and sending away<
I'd like to thank you for your presence on this Mini-funeral and hope you'll have a nice day at the rally.