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So what do you do if you're a Miniac and like to help a friend raise awareness for his (terminal) disease ?
In case of Johnmar, a fellow Lister of the Dutch MiniList, you organize a world-size Mini-event.
That's how the Mini Record Attempt got started; a man and an idea. Johnmar had the good sense to understand that this could not be done alone, although he gave more than 200%, and with the help of a few friends he managed to stage this event; a record attempt of the largest traffic-jam of a single make car.
Most people would take about 2 years to get a show this big on the road. He did it in 20 weeks.
As you can understand from the above I have a lot of respect for what he accomplished and am proud to have been able to attend and contribute my (extremely small and mostly done by Kiki :) part to it.

Sunday the 17th of June 2001 was D-day. In the days and weeks before Johnmar and a couple of his friends had worked their butts of to get the ball rolling, helped by lots of Listers who 'spread the word' and stuck flyers on every single moving (or even non-moving) Mini in NL and far abroad.
The start as well as the finish of the event was sort of in my 'backyard', that is, if I'd been at home that weekend, which I wasn't :) As it happens I was some 200km from home having a party at friends. But that couldn't stop me, as distance also didn't stop people from coming as far away as Belgium, Germany and the UK.
In the end I clocked some odd 750km's that weekend, but well worth it IMO :)

lineup.jpg (50598 bytes)
Carmen & Friend, Yvette & Roger(?), Arnoud

My girlfriend Kiki joined me for what was her first Mini-event. We got up a tad late (so what else is new :) to arrive at the start (at the campsite of another fellow Lister; Edwin v Loenhout) 5 minutes before closing of the registration. I'm happy to say that I wasn't the last one in line this time around :) After registration we met with some 'old friends' (they're not really that old :), some of whom I'd met during the IMM two weeks earlier. We sort of missed the briefing, but as we had closely studied the instructions on forehand and most Mini's would be driving in front of us we guessed there wasn't that much we could do wrong :) Although the weather-forecast had been very grim for the day in the end we were quite lucky as it hardly rained while we were outside the cars, but really pissed when we were in them.

TrafficJam_1.jpg (45480 bytes) TrafficJam_2.jpg (46684 bytes) TrafficJam_TNT.jpg (53334 bytes)
There're Mini's
in front of me !
And there're Mini's behind me ! Marc's TNT Mini
(Not going
anywhere fast :)

After watching all the other Mini's leave it was time for us to follow 'the troops'.
A traffic-jam it was supposed to be and a traffic-jam it was :) Although it wasn't particular hot some Mini's had to take a break from hurdling along the highway at about 2km/h :) to prevent the engines from overheating (or so they said :). Having learned that lesson during the London 2 Brighton Run in '93 (basically also a big traffic-jam of Mini's :), I've made sure not to have that Mini-prone problem again and was able to follow the flock to the finish at the car-museum Autotron in Rosmalen. There all the attendants were lined up in a special section, that proved not to be big enough to hold all these small cars so the rest of the parkinglot was also swamped with the little cars.

AutoTronKiki.jpg (87312 bytes) AutoTronPark_1.jpg (94700 bytes) MiniSwim_1.jpg (63757 bytes) MiniSwim_2.jpg (64471 bytes)
Mini's & Kiki More Mini's Mini Swimming ? ...or Floating ?

We did a 'walk-about' (ok, so I was still a bit with my mind on the 'Austr(al)ian tour' :) and I a bit over-eager meet and greet :) (I ran towards a beautiful female mini-driver to hug and kiss her, taking the umbrella with me and leaving my girlfriend Kiki standing in the rain. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I'll never ever do that again, Kiki, cross my heart and hope to die!!! :) After this cockup on my part we went into the museum to hear whether we had actually broken the old record of 645 Mini's the Mini Friends Harderwijk had set in 1998 and more importantly, what the revenues for the event were that would be entirely donated to a foundation supporting research and raising awareness for the ALS disease.

at_mini.jpg (55304 bytes) AT_Ron_Announce.jpg (44002 bytes) AT_Announce.jpg (51381 bytes)
Autotron's Mini Ron paying attention Announcement

Well, did we ever! :)
The new record is now set to 973 Mini's (or any other car of a single make :) and that's just because some 20 Mini's didn't make it to the finish in time.
And to top it all, the minimum amount raised (even more was pledged) was a staggering Hfl 27.000,= (some 12.250,= Euro) !!!

Loads of fun, a new record and a cause well-served...
'Good show', I'd say.



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