IMM '96

Again, the name about covers it.
An IMM basically is a couple of hundred Mini's and their enthusiasts getting together over a weekend, camping out and enjoying their favorite subject; Mini's.

In 1998 the IMM was held in RodenKirchen, Germany,
organised by the Mini-Clique Wesermarsch, 1. Bremer Mini Club and Mini Fun Club Smile..

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The report is not anywhere near ready yet, but here is a start.
This is an AVI of an impression made by one of the guys of the group I drove up to RodenKirchen with.
I'm the guy with the black/blue jacket driving the pickup.

Click to see the AVI

(13.2Mb AVI, requires an AVI-player and Div X;-) MPEG-4 Fast-Motion codec)