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Other IMM200 sites

IMM 2000 IMM2000 Theo IMM2000
Official IMM2000 site Marcin Dobrucki
(lots of practical information on Finland)
Theo van den Bogaard Scott Beavis



DFDS Seaways Finncarriers Norway Coastel Voyage Scandlines
DFDS Scandinavian Seaways
NewCastle(UK) - Goreborg(S)
NewCastle(UK) - Kristiansand(N)
Harwich(UK) - Esbjerg(DK)
Harwich(UK) - Hamburg(D)
Felixstowe, Hull (UK)
Travemunde, Lubeck, Rostock, Kiel(D)
Amsterdam (NL)
Goteborg, Helsingborg(S)
Helsinki, Turku, Hamina, Hanko,Kotka, Rauma(FIN)
Norway Coastal Voyage
Bergen(N) - Kirkeness(N)
Puttgarden(D) - Rodby(DK)
Helsingor(DK) - Helsingborg(S)
Rostock(D) - Trelleborg(S)
Sassnitz(D) - Trelleborg(S)

* = Not all people carriers.

SeaWind Siljaline viking Ferry Centre Sweden
Stockholm(S) - Turku(/Abo)(FIN)
Silja Line
Rostock(D) - Helsinki(FIN)
Stockholm(S) - Helsinki(FIN)
Stockholm(S) - Turku(FIN)
Viking Line
Stockholm(S) - Helsinki(FIN)
Stockholm(S) - Turku(FIN)
Ferry Center Sweden


Finnair FinnAir has flights from Helsinki to Ivalo, which is about 20 miles north of Saariselka.

VR. The railway company of Finland. Run Car-trains from Helsinki/Turku-Rovaniemi, which is 160 miles south of Saariselka.

FinnRa/Tieh Finnra, excellent Finnish travel and traffic information site.

The site has some (hard to load ?) information on busses in Finland.

TieKartta (FIN)

Tunturi Hotelli in Saariselka.
Riekko Hotel in Saariselka.

Current weather conditions in Ivalo (20 miles north of Saariselka).
Finnish meteorological Institute. Information on weather in Finland. Rovaniemi is 160 miles south of Saariselka.

Webcams of places on the way;
(some from the Finnra site)
Ylitornio (FIN) (35 miles north of Tornio (FIN) on the Swedish/Finnish border)
Kuivaniemi (FIN) (35 miles north of Tornio on the Swedish/Finnish border)
Rovaniemi (FIN) (on the #4 to Saariselka, 160 miles south)
Postojoki (FIN) (on the #4 to Saariselka, 75 miles south)
Saariselka (FIN)

Helsingborg (S) (across Helsingor(DK))
Sundsvall (S) (135 miles north of Gavle (S))
Ornskoldsvik (S) (100 miles north of Sundsvall (S))
Umea (S) (75 miles north of Ornskoldsvik (S))
Lulea (S) (85 miles west from Tornio (FIN) on the Swedish/Finnish border)

HotelTravel.Com has a lot of practical information, from the CIA factbook to an ATM-locator for as well Finland as Sweden.
STN STN Travel Guide. Lots of information on Finland, including maps.
Travel Finalnd Travel in Finland. Again lots of information on Finland, including passport/visa info.

Providers which might have roaming deals with yours. Check before you leave.
Comviq Comviq (S)
Europolitan Europolitan (S)
Telia Telia (S)

Radiolinja Radiolinja (FIN)
Sonera Sonera (FIN)

Shellgeostar Shell Geostar
Cwlease CW Lease

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