On this page you'll see some images of the maintenance that has been done on my Van in the course of time.


Early July 2003 the Van developed some problems where selection of gears was concerned. This wasn't limited to a specific gear; all gears at time were a lot harder to select. Initial diagnosis indicated that the clutch slave cylinder was suspect of not having enough travel anymore. A date was set to fix this, but alas the Van didn't make it that far. A few days later, while gearing down on the highway something went really wrong. The engine had seized up, but the car would move back and forth with no problem, even when a gear was selected.
Turned out the clutch-plate had disintegrated and had damaged the clutch-housing.
Further investigation showed that this was a result of the seizure of the primary gear (front) bearing.
This can be fixed by replacing the bearing, but this involves some machining and results may vary. So instead a new drop gear set was installed, this time a Jack Knight Straight Cut set. Normally very expensive stuff, but I got it relatively cheap :)

MVC-014F_2.jpg (72335 bytes) mvc-013f.jpg (60410 bytes) mvc-012f.jpg (73246 bytes) mvc-011f.jpg (79008 bytes)
Bearing Clutch-plate JK S/C set Van & Engine


In June/July 2000 the engine decided it had done enough. First the gearbox packed it in (See my B-L-B report), followed by the valve on cylinder #3 burning just after the IMM. And a week after the head was fully reconditioned I lost almost all functionality from cylinder #4.
As the pictures below show part of it was missing. Luckily the head hadn't sustained any damage. As the engine had already done about 70.000mls we decided to drop a new unit in. Hopefully this will mean the end of it for a while...

Cyl #4 Cyl #3 & #4 Cyl #1 & #2 The head Disassembly
Cyl #4 Cyl #3 & #4 Cyl #1 & #2 The head Disassembly
Van less engine The Engine Flywheel & Clutch Exhaust-system Engine & Van
Van less engine The Engine Flywheel & Clutch Exhaust-system Engine & Van


In February 2000 I heard a 'new' rattle coming from the timing-cover side of the engine. First thought the pulley was vibrating, so we spot welded it in place.
Rattle was still there though, so the timingchain was checked and it appeared that the tensioner had broken. So the pulley and tensioner were changed and on my way I was.

What gives ? Welding Fix(at)ed