Caren is a former colleague who knows I'm sort of a Mini nut.
So when she contacted me and said she'd set her heart on buying a Mini I of course was more than happy to help her (there's something about the combination of Women and Mini's that brings out the best in me :)
After giving her some hints & tips and some addresses to start looking for a decent Mini it didn't take her long to find a 'cute' one :)
So the next week I joined her to Ben van Leeuwen to have a look at a 1994 British Open.

I had a good look at the car and it seemed to be worth it's money, specially when bought from someone like Ben, who's got a name to uphold in 'Mini-land'. So e didn't spend much time talking or haggling about the Mini, but did end up talking for hours about Mini's (what can I say ? :).

Here are the 1st pix (as you can see it was already late as we left :) of Caren's new pride and joy.
She hasn't just got herself a new way of transportation, but also a legend, priceless smile-factor and some 1000's of new friends to boot :)

carmini1.jpg (55346 bytes) carmini2.jpg (68172 bytes) carmini3.jpg (51167 bytes) carmini4.jpg (51527 bytes) carmini5.jpg (35360 bytes)
Ben's lot Left Right and Center Left again :)