Carl's Export Job

Carl got his hands on some good looking Mini's abroad.
(Abroad for him that is :)

Below are some pix of them.
Although this is currently not verified, but my guess is that with enough persuasion
he may part with one or two of them and in that way promote the love for the Mini all over the US :)

Interested ? Drop him a line.
Or have a look at: (under construction).

Newest additions:

liteblumini.jpg (67801 bytes) leendertmini.jpg (7425 bytes)
Little Blue Mini Greenish Mini


Some 'older' ones:

Me_and_my_Minis.jpg (43898 bytes) dsc00305.jpg (63501 bytes) dsc00311.jpg (77190 bytes)
He and his Mini's... ...and the kids Inspection


dsc00302.jpg (72012 bytes) dsc00282.jpg (68810 bytes) dsc00293.jpg (69539 bytes)
Unloading the Green... ...the Red... ...and the Blue


red_roof.jpg (82861 bytes) dsc00008.jpg (105167 bytes)
Red on trailer Black & Red