Manon's Van project

Once you get bit by the Mini-bug there is no stopping.
This often results in people buying another Mini and another Mini and... so forth.
Mind you, not sequentially, but owning several Mini's at the same time can almost be considered 'normal'.

Next to 'Zwelgje' Manon has set her heart on a Van.
As time continues some pictures of this project will be added here.

van1.jpg (33322 bytes) van2.jpg (47782 bytes) van3.jpg (29487 bytes) van4.jpg (34824 bytes) van5.jpg (40069 bytes) van6.jpg (40033 bytes) van7.jpg (37755 bytes)
Manon's Very Retro Looking Utility Mini Van


In the mean time we'll have to do with the 'artist impression' Marc Boeren did of what the Van might end up looking like.

van_van_stand.jpg (47966 bytes)
Van of Standing