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Here are some Mini-links, in sort of random order. Some of them are in Dutch.
I'm not sure wether to create a huge link-page here or simply link to some already existing, really big link pages like;

Mini Coopers have been part of auto racing history for over fifty years. Driving enthusiasts may enjoy driving several different vehicles, but need to try a Fast Mini on the road to experience a truly great ride. The Mini Cooper is the coolest and most fun car to drive for the money.


The Mini WWW Directory
The Mini WWW Directory - The ultimate Mini link.

Snorty - THE Mini-toon.

John 'Fat Bloke' C. Bullas
John 'Fat Bloke' Bullas site - Has a HUGE link page.

The Official Mini Site
The official Mini site.

The Mini Seven Club Netherlands (MSCN) site.

Mini Parts 's Hertogenbosch
Mini Parts 's Hertogenbosch.

Mini Centre Huissen
Mini Centre Huissen.

Mini Centre Ben van Leeuwen
Mini Centre Ben van Leeuwen.


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Pitstop Racing

Unipart DCM races

Andy ('from Belgium')

Steve Dix

Henk Burgler

Chistiaan (CMC)

Misc. Links.

My Misc. Links.