Ze  Mini(tm)

In 1994 the owner of the Mini name at that time; Rover, was sold to another player in the auto-market; BMW.
Together they set out to develop the 'New Mini', sort of the Metro all over again.
The end result is what by Miniacs is often called called the Mini(tm) or Ze Mini.

Many people have become enthusiastic, based on the marketing hype produced before they actual car was. Personally I'm not that impressed.
Maybe that's because  to me it's nothing new; loads of these kinds of cars are around on the streets here.

For those who aren't as 'fortunate', I threw together a morphing between Ze 130bhp(?) Mini(tm) and a 250bhp Renault Clio V6 v24.

zemini2clio.gif (150918 bytes)


And this is what the BBC had to say on the coming of the Mini(tm);
Download from: www.mini.org     kub.nl (fast)
(Right click to select 'save as' to select where to store the 12Mb(!) MPEG called MiniDemise.mpg)

The piece Top Gear did on it;
TG Mini(tm) (8.5Mb MPEG)
And the one they did at the actual release can be found here (usr: mini - pwd: introfax).

Special preview in Oxford Oct 6th 2000.