Sticker Tombola

In a feeble attempt to redeem myself for having driven in the M.I.N.I.-list convoy without the list-sticker firmly attached to my window, I've decided to organize a 'Sticker Tombola'.

The Tombola was held early July 1998.
There were mostly winners :)

I finally got them in the mail in xxxx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/December 1998.
I had promised to post the results, but couldn't find the tombola-list anymore. So you'll just have to wait till the enveloppe drops on the door mat before you can be sure what you got. But I guess even those who participated have forgotten which stickers they liked...

If you entered the tombola you may shouldn't SHOULD expect something in the mail within a couple of weeks.
Sorry that it took a bit longer than you might have thought it would. Things always seem to do with me :)

Take a look at the stickers that were in the Tombola.
(Total of  240Kb)