Last updated on: November 25, 2004.

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The Gear to Bring.

Below is a list of stuff that might be useful to bring along.
The list is split between Computer Gear and Non Computer Gear.
At the bottom is a list of the gear that was present during previous events.
Any suggestions ? Mail them !

Computer Gear.

Computers, peripherals, monitors, Joysticks and alike, UTP- coax- telephone-cables, splitters, hubs, connectors, network-adapters, tv's, webcams, video's, beamers audio-gear, music, servers (Novell, NT, Linux, Wingate, OS2, OS/9?,...), PlayStaions, Sega-Saturn, PalmPilots/PDA's, printers, books, software (ALL software you've got), power- and ordinary tools, CB's, ...


Non Computer Gear.

Your colleagues.
Not all participants have independent transport that they can bring their gear with to the event.
On the Participation page you can see who lack their own transport.

At some locations the lighting is not really optimal to say the least. In order to create that special atmosphere, you might want to bring a few lamps along with you. Adapters also always come in handy to hook up your machine to that one remaining outlet.

Sleeping gear.
For example and inflatable bed, sleepingbag etc.

Food, drink and be marry.
Although we might have ample time to do some grocery shopping it's always a good idea to bring some stuff to get you through the first few hours.

Gear present last times.

Computers, oa 386, 486, P133, P166, PII-233, PII-450, Compac
DAT-tape, PalmPilot, various monitors (working and non-working), network-adapters (UTP & BNC), Coax/UTP-cabling, 5/8/10/16 port hub, several adapters, telephoneline, Joysticks and alike, PlayStation, Sega-Saturn, servers (Novell, Linux, OS/9?), 100 empty CD's, Videocards, I/O cards, HD's, computercases, motherboards (386/486), tv, audio-gear, beamer, 'music', videotape, DVD's, printers, books, software (partly), tools, CB's, WebCam, ...