This spot is for Mini-friends who have stuff for sale and need a platform for it.
It can either be Mini-stuff, or Mini-related stuff.
I have no relation with the people mentioned here, nor usually have any more information on the objects.
(IOW; don't blame me :)


Nov 7th 2002 miniback.jpg (311018 bytes) minipic3.jpg (400996 bytes) insidecooper.jpg (261274 bytes)
Unfortunatly i have to sell my fantastic Mini as i am going to Australia and
will no longer have a house in Amsterdam. So,

Mini Cooper 1997 MPI
Full black leather John Cooper seats.
Burr walnut dash with White clocks/dails.
Airbag steering wheel. Leather rimmed.
Tahiti Blue with/White roof.
Immaculate condition. NO RUST AT ALL !!
50,000 Klm with Full service history and every recipt from new
New APK and all old APK papers.
Many Many extras.
Wheel updated for Performance Superlights ( 12x5 ) with Diamond cut edge and
A539 Yokohamas. Less than 12 month old
Loads of brightwork. No ugly black bits left !
Maintained regardless of cost !
No fault at all !
Waxolied every year.
Over 10,000 Euro spent over the last 2.5 years.

Best offer get it !
Here are some pictures but unlike my Mini , it is slow to download.



July 9th 2001 jantine.jpg (133838 bytes) jantine2.jpg (170985 bytes) new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)
This 1994 Mini Magic with 33.000km on the clock is for sale.
Sold by the Rover/MG dealer 'Auto-Home' in Leiderdorp to the original (current) owner and always maintained there.
The Mini will get a service as well as a new MOT (APK) in august.
Has a bit of rust as per usual, not much though.
For about Hfl 9000,= this one can be yours ! :)
For more info send an email to the owner.


Nov 16th 2000 tn_th_lf_1.jpg (2250 bytes)
Thijs has his immaculate Van for sale.
Have a look on his page here and give him a call on 
+31418680365 or +31418680377 for a sensible offer.



May 10 2000 MiniCoopRed.jpg (61973 bytes)
Stephan de Jonge has this Red '91 Cooper for sale;
Mini Cooper, Stage I (80bhp), Red/White, 1991.
LM Wheels, wide tires, Sportsseats, Harnas, 4 extra Spots,
Stainles Arches, Centre exit exhaust, adjustable suspension.
Floor recently restaured (Fl 2000,= spent).
Beautiful and fast, 99.000km, APK (MOT) till 1-2001.
Fl. 8750,= Call + and make him an offer.


Aug 4th 1999.
Gernot Vonhoegen has the following for sale, all the way up in Scotland;
Any folks (in NL) interested in a MKIV Marcos
I can get one, needs a respray but otherwise ok
Early registration, I think 64 or so
Costs about 700.

Aug 2nd 1999.
Arnoud has the follwing for sale;
(Request english translation from him if needed :)

kipjaguar.jpg (8360 bytes)

Daar gaat 'ie dan, met enige pijn in mijn hart:

Te koop: een Kip caravan type Kuiken, bouwjaar 1965, geheel compleet en origineel.
Met voortent. In goede staat. Waarschijnlijk nog 7 rijvaardig in Nederland.
Net op tijd voor Engeland:)
1300 motor en schijfremmen aanbevolen.
Vaste prijs f 1.500,- (eenduizendvijfhonderd, Christiaan:)

PS Note from editor: It's the caravan that's for sale, not the jag :)