Mini Gaming

This page is for you gamers out there, who'd like to see their favorite car in their favorite game.
Any info on other games with Mini's in them ?
Drop me a message then.
One of the site featuring more information on Mini's in games is Pete & Jo's '...only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!' site.


Need For Speed III

So far I only got Mini's for Need For Speed III.
They were created by 'Darkstar',   using carCad by Chris Barnard.
These files should also be available on other gaming sites.

Installation is as follows; create a new Map with name Mini in the GameData\CarModel\ map of NFS.
Place the .viv file in there and you're ready to rock.
Obviously there are no guarantees; everything is done at your own risk.
So if the files turn out to be viruses; you're out of luck. If you don't like that; don't download these files.
The files are approx. 1.2Mb in size.

The cars are based on the Porsche 911 so Mini-experts will notice that the Mini drives a bit differently than a real Mini. This will only stop the purists from using it though; I personally just love driving the Pursuit Mini :)

Minigb <sorry no pict
available yet>
Mini GB Pursuit Mini GB



Driver 2

In Driver 2 for the Playstation you can unlock the Mini in Havana;

Head towards the tunnel located at the west end of the city. Right before
you reach the tunnel, you'll see a road on your left. Drive to the end of
the road until you reach a wall.Turn right and 1/3 of the way down and
you'll a switch next to some trees. Get out of your car and walk up to the
switch and press triangle. Get back into your car, turn around and head back
to the road you came off. The Gate should now be open. Drive in it while
ignoring th eleft turns. Keep driving to the end and turn right and follow
it down making continuous left turns. When you get tot the bottom, turn
left, then turn right and finally left. Follow the tunnel to the end to find
a car on a risen plateform. On the right of the platform, you'll see a
(Thanks to TazMINIa)