This is one of those pages that is long overdue...

I can't even begin to explain who Carl is, or what Carl is.
Carl, simply put, is my buddy.

carl work2.jpg (58697 bytes)
Carl @ work

We met back in 1999 during the IMM/Mini 40th. You can read of some of the stuff we did in the report of that event.
Although it does describe some of what we experienced, those who were there will concur that it still doesn't come close to actually living it.

Obviously one of our shared intrests are Mini's. And these pics show you what he fondly calls his Ueber Mini.
(Those who don't get the pun, please forget to come and complain to me :)

minifront_bq.jpg (56017 bytes) mini_front.jpg (75753 bytes) Mini_and_Carl.jpg (66133 bytes) mini_interior.jpg (45180 bytes) mini_dashboard.jpg (61317 bytes)
Front Frontish Carl-Side Interior Dash


mini_overheadconsole.jpg (56378 bytes) mini_passside.jpg (44478 bytes) mini_rear.jpg (57425 bytes) mini_rearwindow.jpg (50358 bytes) mini_ubrmini_closeup.jpg (32790 bytes)
Top Dash Other-Side Back Read it Weep :)

This is what it looked like at the ESC Tuning Gathering and Lunch on october 21st 2001
(pix as featured on

dsc00898.jpg (61068 bytes) dsc00899.jpg (60940 bytes) dsc00900.jpg (60761 bytes) dsc00901.jpg (61960 bytes)
Back Front Side Interior


And as if he didn't have enough Mini's yet, he recently started getting even more!


Carl also owns some other 'hardware'.
Warning to those faint at heart; the word BMW might pop-up below :)

kylemeduc.jpg (56909 bytes) audiwagon1.jpg (47493 bytes) 750sport.jpg (56759 bytes) Duc_rightfront.jpg (62999 bytes) duc_side.jpg (49734 bytes) beemer.jpg (83656 bytes)
Kyle & Carl on 'Duc' The Audio Wagon Ducati Ducati.. Ducati... Beemer !