Other Mini-nutters

Here you'll find some info I got from other Mini-nutters.
Take a look around; there are some really special Mini's to be found.

Andy 'in Belgium' 01_small.jpg (1281 bytes) Bas Boris Bruce Kennedy carmini2_small.jpg (1212 bytes) Carin
Andy 'in Belgium' Arno Bas Boris Shaprio Bruce Kennedy Caren Carin


mini_front_small.jpg (1262 bytes) _DP() / Gomez David Cushman MiniMacknMe_small.jpg (1121 bytes) Dorien Rogier's Yellow monster frank's-mini.jpg (12435 bytes)
Carl _DP/Gomez David Cushman David Piacentini Dorien Fatboy Francis Hook


Gemma Kernich's Moke Jukka & friends Loonybin mini_front1.jpg (133838 bytes) Manon Mojo Robert Guezen
Gemma Kernich Jukka Harkola Loonybin Kiki Manon Mojo Robert Guezen


Snorty Thijs
Snorty Thijs


And here are some misc. pics. Mini related of course :)

The Special Mini's page as used to be featured on the http://www.club-mini-france.com site
(Copy made by Dan Graham, 1.8Mb!)

A Mini with another Mini on a trailer a Cub (= Moke kit) FlipFront carpoolmini.jpg (109344 bytes) sh2000_09_small.jpg (1296 bytes)
A Mini with another Mini on a trailer a 'Cub' FlipFront
(multiple view)
Car-Pool-ing ?
(by Jos vd Heide)
Twini Mini

Some pics of Dinky Toys Mini's (by Wim).

Police Coopers Mini Minor Clubman Moke Military Moke


Some of my friends don't own Mini's... Can you believe it ?

And if you think that is all, try the links on my (still smallish) Mini-link-page.