My Mini

I guess you could call me a certified Mini-nut. This will become more and more clear when this section of the site unravels.
For a quick scoop, have a ook at the Whatsnew_tiny.gif (144 bytes) page. And yes there REALLY is something new now!
Updates might more often appear on the picasawebsite for the next few years.

Here's one picture of my former Mini, the Jet Black at Silverstone.
Unfortunately I crashed it into a deer, doing about 80m/h on the highway, on may 9th 1996.
If you've got the stomach for seeing a dented Mini, take a look at some pictures of after the crash. It was declared a total loss... :(

The good news is that I had another one built to spec, a Mini Van, by Mini Parts in 's Hertogenbosch.
It took a bit longer than estimated, but it has been on the road since august 1997. Here are a couple of pics;

Man & Mini Mini front Mini back Mini inside Mini engine
Man & Mini Mini front Mini back Mini inside Mini engine

Some poor F*ck felt the need to break into it, doing more damage than what they got away with :(
Luckily maintenance for the Mini is relatively cheap as my Van is sort of high-maintenance.
Some of the work that was done on it can be found on the Fixed-page.

At times I write a report on some of the Mini-related events I've attended through the years.
Being a Mini-ac I am in good company as you can see on the Mini-friends pages a number of whom I met through the Mini-List.
For you gamers out there; check out the Mini gaming page.
By now you should be convinced you should own a Mini yourself too. Have a look at the 4Sale page page if you're looking for Mini-related stuff for Sale.
or for NEW MINI's:
You can Buy Mini Cooper Parts online at They have lots of parts and accessories.

I'm a Snorty Chum Snorty
And as the father of the 'Mini Cooper' also have a lot of respect for John Cooper.

Lastly; the Sticker Tombola  was held. There were only winners :)
And wouldn't you believe it; within 8 months I actually did send out the stickers.